Our proposals

Our Evolving Proposals

In October 2022 we hosted an online meeting with local community groups and residents to present our then-proposals for the Site. We also met with officer planners, the Design Review Panel (DRP), and various stakeholders. We worked closely with them to incorporate their valuable comments and insights into our project.

The primary objective of these proposals is to revitalize the site by providing new housing options and flexible commercial spaces on the ground floor. This development will contribute much-needed new homes to the Brent area, enhance the local retail landscape, and significantly elevate the overall quality of the public space while prioritizing sustainability.

Throughout the course of this meeting and in subsequent conversations, we had the privilege of receiving invaluable feedback from the local community. This feedback has been instrumental in shaping and enhancing our project. The project team has diligently worked to integrate this feedback into our updated scheme.

The project team has worked hard to take this feedback onboard and incorporate it into our updated scheme. As a result, our updated proposals now feature the following key improvements:

  • Engaging Living Experience – development of internal layouts with living rooms to the corner of units with access to balconies.
  • Optimised unit layouts – building has been designed to maximise daylight access and reduce overheating. This has moved balconies to corners, resulting in a more slender building.
  • Security and comfort – balconies are semi-recessed to give a sense of privacy and protection.
  • Maximise views and natural light – window sizes and placement allow for the greatest possible level of natural light and views.
  • In-keeping with surroundings – materials have been chosen specifically to reflect buildings in the emerging and existing masterplan.

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