Social value

Our Commitment to Social Value

Each community we work in is central to every project we deliver. Our driving force is to ensure we make a positive contribution to the people living and working at our developments, and we aim to ensure the impact of this work is felt for generations to come through social, economic and environmental programmes designed to improve the prosperity and wellbeing of an area.

We provide apprenticeships and support training schemes to facilitate education and local job opportunities, making our industry more accessible for people to enter than ever before.

By supporting charities and social enterprises, we help to tackle a number of issues faced by some of the most vulnerable and marginalised in our society.

So while bricks and mortar can provide one of the most basic human rights – a home – we’re also committed to building the social and economic tools conducive to happy, thriving communities, now and in the future.

  • £358.8m total social value created in 2022
  • 7,500 of school engagement
  • 9,019 weeks of earn as you learn programmes delivered
  • 197 Solohaus homes delivered for homeless people
  • Average 24% local labour across all our projects
  • £239,000 donated of charitable causes
  • 751 staff hours volunteered

Hill’s commitment to social value

As one of the UK’s Top 15 Housebuilders and a family-owned business, we recognise that we have a part to play in helping the UK meet its sustainability goals, which is why we have committed ourselves to achieving net-zero operational carbon in the homes we build by 2030.

We also recognise the importance of social value to ensure that people are at the heart of all our projects. Looking intimately at our social, economic, and environmental impact ensures we make a positive contribution to the communities that we work in.

2022 Delivered Social Value

  • 7,500 hours of school engagement
  • 9,019 weeks of ‘earn as you learn’ programmes
  • £239,000 donated to charitable causes
  • £5.4million social value generated through our programme to support homeless individuals

We have already liaised with several local groups and stakeholders during consultation phase 1.


  • Taking care of our natural resources
  • Reducing our environmental impacts


  • Communities and customers
  • Tackling homelessness


  • Strategy and responsible business
  • Reporting and assurance
  • Future proofing

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